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Data Location
AdJacket is designed to run on dedicated servers located within the client agency. AdJacket’s client-centric ASP model allows the data to be totally in the control of the client at all times inside the agency walls. The application is just as scalable as the traditional ASP model and is accessible via a web browser without the installation of additional software. AdJacket can be deployed in a large organization very rapidly in an efficient and cost effective way. Deployment is estimated to require as little as 4 to 6 weeks for the standard program and as little as 12 weeks for customized programs. The AdJacket solution is “plug and play” for an agency of any size. The critical variables are the number of resident servers, storage, and internet connection requirements. This set-up allows all business to flow from one central location. Local offices have the option of using local storage for greater speed and flexibility, but all information flow through one source allowing for a central data collection point and rapid reporting of company wide functions.

AdJacket allows users from any location in the world to connect to the system over the Internet. User password and logins are transferred between the user browser and the program along with other sensitive company information. To prevent hackers from monitoring and deciphering data being passed over the Internet from user to the system, the data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption with SSL Web Server Certificate. SSL Web Server Certificate is provided by Thawte Incorporated. We also employ graphic live page log-in security that is considered unhackable because it requires the user to enter graphic text that changes everytime a page loads, or checks a password.

Clients house Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Server 2000. The client parts of a project will work on both major platforms (MAC or PC) with TCP/IP protocol using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the user interface. Note that Internet Explorer is a free software, distributed worldwide, providing independence from the computer platform and access to the program from any computer connected to the Internet. Also note that the first version of the server parts require Microsoft Internet Information Server which limits the use of the program to Windows NT platforms only. All agencies will use their own disaster recovery systems to restore data in the event of catastrophic problems. These services can be provided from any data warehouse at reasonable prices. It is likely that the IT departments will already have arrangements with a data warehousing company.

Client / Vendor Interface
Adjacket is an open system that allows communication with other program via direct API’s into other systems not third party applications. The AdJacket system consists of the server parts and the client parts. Server parts house the software and are realized on the Microsoft Windows NT platform. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is used as a web server. MS SQL Server 7.0/2000 is used as a database server. The main development tool is Active Server Pages with Java Script. The unique program engine was developed internally at AdJacket. It makes syntactical analysis of the URL formed by the user, and dynamically creates requested pages. The user’s project is divided into logical modules and the modules connection is carried out through server based technology. Requests are sent to the database if necessary. The substantial part of the client’s interface is done using DHTML technology. The latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer is required to work with the program.

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