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Return On Investment (ROI)
AdJacket customers realize an immediate return on investment. AdJacket's solutions drive cost savings by delivering a powerful on-line tool at a very low annual fee and per job cost. Agency and corporate marketing professionals find that they need to hold fewer face-to-face meetings and derive significant savings in travel expenses. In addition, AdJacket helps reduce shipping costs, distribution time, and the need for multiple copies.

Enhanced Productivity for Competitive Advantage
The ROI argument for purchasing a collaboration tool can be extended beyond increased efficiencies and savings on IT and operations costs. Consider the synergies and resulting effectiveness that accrue from having a powerful collaborative framework in place. AdJacket provides a centralized workspace that allows employees to collaborate more effectively in real-time, enhance productivity, profitability, and create a competitive edge - spending less time finding and compiling data, and more time making decisions and driving campaigns. So less time can be spent on the tactical side of marketing and more time on the strategic.

The Buy Argument
The enormous undertaking of building a top-shelf, collaboration solution and maintaining multiple sites is cost-prohibitive for agencies and corporate marketing departments. AdJacket is focused entirely on providing a solution that is specifically geared to the needs of the advertising and brand marketing industry. Users will have the most powerful, reliable and secure solution available. AdJacket solutions can be tailored to the needs of each account, and can be customized by account, including a unique home page for each client.

Emphasis on best-of-breed, open standards.
Installed on agency's servers
Virtually no impact on agency's existing IT infrastructure
Guaranteed security behind your firewall
Access control that combines flexibility, ease of administration and fine-grained control

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